Willem’s Ceramics Atelier
Graduation project
Nominated for the Melkweg Award
Cum Laude

In the realm of ceramics, I have created an autonomous atelier where intuition reigns supreme. It is a transformative journey of self-discovery, where I seek for unique production processes by creating my own tools.

Within this atelier, I leave behind the traditional norms and conventions of clay and creation. There are many rules associated with ceramics. For example, ‘You have to get rid of the airbubbles in the clay.’ Instead, I chose the path of experimentation and approach clay in a naive way by blowing air in, thorning it apart, feeding through modified machines and revealing its qualities.

Through this intuitive process, I question the prevailing landscape of mass production. By crafting analog machines and minimizing reliance on external resources, interesting objects emerge from the simplest of means.

This project is presented from two perspectives firstly, it shows my process and intuitive approach towards clay which leads to sculptural and functional objects. On the other side the exposition of final objects that I selected as end products and that represent my fascinations about the material. A shelving system is placed on the border of the two sides. It presents my process and creates the feeling of my atelier.

This ceramics atelier becomes a testament to the impact of autonomy in the creative process. It questions established norms, blurs the boundaries of what is deemed possible and shows people how I work.

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