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   “My name is Willem Zwiers and I am an autonomous designer. I graduated Cum Laude from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2023 and I am nominated for the Melkweg Award with ‘Willem’s Ceramics Atelier.’
    In my practice, I work very intuitive and experimental. In this thinking hands way of working, I find certain essences of materials, forms and colors. By creating my own working methods and even own tools, I’m able to push the boundaries of what seems impossible.”

Inquiries: atelierwillemzwiers@gmail.com
Phone: +31629793226
Instagram: willem.zwiers
2021    Maison exposition at DDW21
2022    Trap Maison exposition at DDW22
2023    Price winning design contest ‘Keep Playing’ Cor Unum
2023    Graduated Cum Laude at Design Academy Eindhoven
2023    Nomination Melkweg Award
2023    Production ‘Gieters’ at Cor Unum Ceramics
2023    DAE Graduation Show DDW23
2023    The Frozen Fountain 


ELLE Decoration
Elsevier Weekblad 

‘Soms zijn er wel wat dingen ontploft in de oven, maar dat hoort erbij.’ - NRC