Transformed Remnants 
Graduation project
Cum Laude

Transformed Remnants is an exploration of repurposing discarded products into new materials which enables me to create new functional and sculptural objects. Dissecting the properties of discarded products through experimental processes, two distinct materials emerged: a plate material sourced from old books thrown away by a second-hand shop and a series of carpets crafted from redundant G-Star jeans.

My aim is to uncover their potential. The original objects retain a semblance of recognition within the final creations, as I play with the intrinsic qualities of these materials.

The book material is made by soaking slices into a mixture of water and wood glue. This combination saturates the book fibers. Strongly clamped together, the books solidify into a singular material which is then sanded to reveal the captivating shapes. It looks like natural stone with an organic relief.

For the carpets I cut off the legs of the jeans and layered them into each other until I have a solid bar. I cut off slices by hand using an iron saw to reveal the softness inside and the inherent stretch which allows them to remain intertwined. These slices are affixed onto a denim rug using sustainable textile hardener, resulting in a soft yet visually striking texture.

The objects I created are remnants of someone’s knowledge and stories, captured inside and they show the contradictions embedded within our production and disposable mentality.

It serves as a thought-provoking exploration of the balance between handcrafting and overproduction.

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